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Hi! I'm Eila, a 14 year old Innovator

I'm a high school student at the University of Toronto schools who is extremely passionate about emerging technologies and its implications for the future. Though I'm currently invested in learning about blockchain, I hope to explore more topics later on!

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2017 - present

I'm in Grade 9 at the University of Toronto Schools, a school which offers a transformative education for high achieving students in grades 7-12.

TKS Innovator

2019 - present

My love for emerging tech brought me to TKS, an amazing accelerator program dedicated to developing ambitious young people striving to impact billions.

Blockchain Researcher

2019 - present

I've written multiple articles on blockchain, and am looking into its potential applications. I hope to develop something with blockchain soon!

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The Building Blocks of Blockchain

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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(+1) 416 725 3427

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