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I'm a 15 year old STEM enthusiast

I'm a high school student at the University of Toronto schools who is extremely passionate about emerging technologies and its implications for the future, as well as classical math and science. Currently, I am most interested in learning about blockchain, education, and contest mathematics.

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I have always been passionate about mathematics and am lucky enough to be in an enivronment which supports that. I currently compete in many math contests every year, am a part of my school's math team and am an executive for our math society.

Hackergal Ambassador

Hackergal is an organization which works to encourage young girls to pursue STEM. As a high school girl who's extremely interested in the subject, I hope to help bridge the gender gap within STEM fields through my work with the non-profit.

Bridge Project

The Bridge Project is a program created in partnership with the Afghan Women's Organization which allows high school students to volunteer as peer tutors for children who are newly immigrated or refugees. I have been working with the program since 2020.

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The Building Blocks of Blockchain

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Building a Voting Dapp!

Editing our Genetic Code

Joining Hackergal

Sweet Dreams

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